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Wrestling with Differences Workshop 2023

How the theory and practice of Organisation Development struggles to connect its rhetoric with reality.

Professional development
What we learnt from designing and running a Learning Strand during the COVID-19 pandemic
The Grantholder Learning Strand of the Coronavirus Community Support Fund (CCSF) evaluation – results and learning. COVID-19 and the associated lockdown disproportionally affected some people and...
A Learning Hub for the Coronavirus Community Support Fund (CCSF)
The Tavistock Institute of Human Relations (TIHR) is working with Ipsos MORI...
Evaluations and stories

Reviewing the Medici project's role in softening the edges of evidence to map digital inclusion best practices across the EU and beyond.

Medici – Mapping Digital Inclusion

The Medici project is a two-year EU funded project which aims to map digital inclusion best practices across the EU and beyond. It is the only project funded from its stream of work in the EU.

Resilient Europe and Societies by Innovating Local Communities

Understanding the part that the community has to play in increasing resilience to recover and adapt following natural disasters.

NHS Citizen

Creating a system that will genuinely hold the Board of NHS England to account

This project aims to bring schools across Europe together through the creation of an online network to enhance and learn more from creativity, exploration and science in European school education.
Inspiring Science Education (ISE)
Inspiring Science Education (ISE) Large Scale Experimentation Scenarios to Mainstream eLearning in Science, Mathematics and Technology in Primary and Secondary Schools. The main aim of the Inspiring Science Education (ISE) project is to support...
Improving School Governance Using an Action Learning Approach (IGUANA)
The Open University Business School (OUBS)
Report: Evaluation of the JISC’s Virtual Research Environment Programme
This report presents the achievements and lessons learnt from the 15 projects that participated in the VRE1 programme.
Report: What is the Scope for Organisational Change in the Public Sector in Europe?
This paper begins to unpick some of the characteristics of public sector organisations, the environment in which they operate (that is, what motivates and influences change processes in this sector) and begins to elucidate some of the implications for approaches to organisational change.
Report: Books and Bytes: New Service Paradigms for the 21st Century Library
A report concerning the Evaluation of the People’s Network and ICT Training for Public Library Staff Programme.
Report: The Role and Effectiveness of Collaborative Knowledge Systems in Health Promotion and Health Support (RECKS)
A summary report of the main practical outputs of the the' Role and Effectiveness of Collaborative Knowledge Systems in Health Promotion and Health Support' (RECKS) project.
Report: Competence Evaluation Trans-European Networks (COMPETENT)
This document, Deliverable 4, presents the Final Report of the COMPETENT project.
Report: How the eEurope OMC Worked: Implications for the Co-ordination
The Open Method of Co-ordination (OMC) was first introduced at the Lisbon Council (2000) as a ‘means of spreading good practice’ and achieving greater convergence towards the main EU goals ...
Report: Evaluation of the Framework for the Future Action Plan 2003-06
This final report of the evaluation of the Framework for the Future action plan 2003-06 presents the findings of the evaluation research on improvement and development in library services and the contribution of the Framework action plan activities.
Report: New Guidance for Evaluation in the Transport Sector
TIHR in partnership with AECOM, were commissioned by the Department for Transport to develop a set of guidance for those commissioning and undertaking impact evaluations in the transport sector.
Report: Evaluation strategies for community-level health projects: a review of best practice
This report provides an overview of the best evaluation strategies for community-level health interventions. It was the key output from a review commissioned by the Health Development Agency (HDA) which sought to..
Museums, Libraries and Archives Council (MLA)
European Commission
DG Research, European Commission
DG Regional Policy, European Commission
National Archives Council
The European Centre for Vocational Education and Training (CEDEFOP)
Status of e-Inclusion Measurement Analysis and Approaches for Improvement
Study aimed at informing the Riga Ministerial Conference on e-Inclusion (June 2006) and the Commission’s e-Inclusion Action Plan 2007-2008.
The Role and Effectiveness of Collaborative Knowledge Systems in Health Promotion and Health Support (RECKS)
The main aim of RECKS was to assess and enhance the role and effectiveness of collaborative knowledge systems in health promotion and health support.
ICT training in public libraries – a Formative Study of Best Practice in the UK
The main purpose of this study was to learn from the experience of ICTL so as to inform future training and professional development in the public library sector and more broadly.
Policy lessons from EU’s Regional Programmes of Innovative Actions
Regional Programmes of Innovative Actions were ERDF funded programmes which gave EU regions the opportunity to engage in experimental innovation projects...
Philosophies and Types Of Evaluation Research
A study on the philosophies, approaches and types of evaluation research.
Organisational Change for Citizen-Centric E-Government
The study aimed to make significant progress in understanding organisational change aspects of eGovernment and produced concrete conclusions and tools for policy makers and practitioners.
HERO: Health & Education Support for the Rehabilitation of Offenders 2001 – 2003
This project aimed to contribute to the rehabilitation of offenders within the European Criminal Justice system by providing inputs towards the promotion of a common rehabilitation framework.
Competence Evaluation Trans-European Networks (COMPETENT)
eTEN Market validation project aimed to develop and test a European Skills Development Network (E*NET).
Evaluation Of Framework for The Future: The Improvement Programme for English Public Libraries
The Tavistock Institute was commissioned by the Museums and Libraries and Archives (MLA) to evaluate the impact of the Framework for the Future (F4F) action plan on library services and the public library system, in support of the further improvement and development of the Framework action plan.
Evaluation of Open Method of Co-ordination [OMC] within the Context of eEurope
Europe-wide evaluation of the way OMC contributes to the realization of eEurope and the Information Society.
Evaluation of the JISC’s Virtual Research Environment Programme
Formative evaluation designed to assess...
An Evaluation Strategy for the Research Support Libraries Programme (RSLP)
The Higher Education Funding Council’s (HEFC) Research Support Libraries Programme (RSLP) is concerned with the availability of specialised library and archival resources for researchers. TIHR was contracted to prepare an evaluation strategy for the programme.
An Evaluation Study to Examine the Effectiveness, the Implementation and the Impacts of the New Instruments Introduced in the Sixth Framework Programme
TIHR as part of the EPEC evaluation consortium was commissioned to undertake an evaluation of two new instruments created for the implementation of FP6 which ran from 2002-2006 with a funding of 17.5 bn Euro.
Wrestling with Differences

How the theory and practice of Organisation Development struggles to connect its rhetoric with reality.

Exploring Concepts of Difference

Reimagining diversity and inclusion

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