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The PARCS Grows Everybody Podcast

Listen to the PARCS Grows Everybody podcast via Spotify.

Clips from the PARCS Grows Everybody Oral Histories

Listen to these clips from the PARCS Grows Everybody Oral Histories via Soundcloud.

Portsmouth Rape Crisis: A Collective Story

Telling the story of the PARCS Grows Everybody project.

The PARCS Grows Everybody Documentary Film

Watch the PARCS Grows Everybody documentary film here.

Do residential rehabilitation services help with gambling disorder?

Our evaluation of a residential rehabilitation service for gambling disorder offers insights for commissioners

Neurodiversity in the tech industry

A major new global study suggests an urgent need for more equitable and inclusive workplaces.

Exploring the voice in organisations

The voice is one of our most valuable tools for communicating with one another. Groups and organisations are often influenced by the voices that can most clearly be heard.

“...I needed that level of support..."

Our evaluation of the Community Mental Health Navigator Pilot Programme

Losing Political Office

Jane Roberts, author of the book Losing Political Office, brought insights from her new book as possible food for those working, consulting to governance and political systems.

Lunchtime Talks
The Tavistock Touch: what is our role now in repairing the world?

Lucian J. Hudson explores what it means to touch during a time of social distancing.

Lunchtime Talks
The Tavistock Touch: continued

As a result of interest in Lucian Hudson’s Lunchtime Talk on Touch, the Tavistock Community has created an opportunity to explore the phenomenon of touch further.

Talks & presentations
Connecting and Communicating in the midst of a Pandemic

Reflections on living in the time of Coronavirus.

Lunchtime Talks
Emotional Labour

Exploring the impact of repeated bereavements for staff in a special school

Lunchtime Talks
Under the surface and far apart

The dynamics of discord in remote teams

Lunchtime Talks
The Medical Self: why doctors make bad patients

Professor Dame Clare Gerada explores the reasons why doctors find it so hard to seek help when needed.

Lunchtime Talks
Impact of Covid-19 on front-line practitioners

Anna Sophie Hahne, Georgie Parry-Crooke and Thomas Spielhofer presented findings from the TIHR Covid-19 research study.

Lunchtime Talks
What is restored to the picture by delving into the Tavistock archive?

Alice White’s lunchtime talk provides insight into the people, processes, challenges and opportunities behind the Civil Resettlement Units of the 1940s.

Lunchtime Talks
Researchers wanted!
We are looking to recruit two Researchers
New Year’s Greeting
A Happy New Year and best wishes and hopes...
What we learnt from designing and running a Learning Strand during the COVID-19 pandemic
The Grantholder Learning Strand of the Coronavirus Community Support Fund (CCSF) evaluation – results and learning. COVID-19 and the associated lockdown disproportionally affected some people and...
Covid-19 & Teleworking – Tale of two cities
The impact of teleworking and digital work on workers and society.
Researcher – wanted!
We are looking to recruit a Researcher.
Season’s Greetings for the festive season!
Warm wishes to our clients, colleagues, national and international partners and friends after what has been a challenging year...
Join us to launch Dynamics at Boardroom Level
A publication which opens the door to a new world of boardroom dynamics.
Breaking down binaries; promoting integrated health
A holistic leadership view for a covid resilient society.
Making Visible the Invisible
Bricolage into activism in the arts and systems psychodynamic approaches of Deepening Creative Practice.
Survey results: Impact of COVID-19
We conducted an international online survey of over 250 professionals and qualitative interviews exploring how the pandemic has impacted them.
Tavistock celebrates 100 years!
The rich history of the Tavistocks.
The Tavistock Institute & COVID-19

Here at the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations, we have adapted to work alongside the pandemic as opposed to against it.

Enlightening human talents

The project aims to contribute to the development of efficient pre-training and vocational training services for low-skilled people in the 2 Seas region

The Wellbeing Project
The Organisational Exploratory Program
The Organisational Exploratory Program is an international project aimed at supporting organisations working to serve important social causes across the world.
About the Women and Girls Initiative

An introduction to the Women and Girls Initiative Learning and Impact Services.

Armed Forces Community Healthcare Navigation
The Tavistock Institute has been commissioned by Forces in Mind Trust (FiMT) to develop and assess an Armed Forces Community Healthcare Navigation pilot in South Birmingham. We are responsible for running a feasibility study assessing the potential for further roll out of the delivery model on a larger scale...
Revaluation: Measuring Value, Making Value
Podcast: Revaluation is a new methodology for measuring change in complex systems. It has been created by Andrew Darnton and Andrew Harrison, and comes out of a year’s work evaluating ‘bottom-up’ change in the NHS.
Adoption Support Fund Implementation and Evaluation Research

We led the evaluation of the national roll-out of the Adoption Support Fund (ASF) between 2015- 2018.

Rethink Mental Illness
Participatory evaluation of Step-Up Transitions
The Tavistock Institute worked with staff at Rethink and young champions with lived experience of mental health issues, to co-produce the evaluation of Step Up Transitions.
Home Office
Review of Mental Health Issues in Immigration Return Centres
A report prepared for Home Office by Dr David Lawlor, Dr Mannie Sher and Dr Milena Stateva.
Tackling Suicide on the Railways
Over the last two years the Tavistock Institute has been involved in two projects addressing the issue of suicide on UK railways.
Lunchtime Talk: Sadie King - 2 July
Come and hear Sadie talk about Mental Well-being Impact Assessments (MWIA).
Preventing Human Trafficking: New Tavistock Action-Research
How Effective is Mental Well-being Impact Assessment?
TIHR carry out a first level review of evidence in order to assess effectiveness and identify gaps.
At risk yet dismissed: a visualisation of vulnerability and stigma towards people with mental health issues
European Anti-Trafficking Day: Better Health Care
Teenage pregnancy rate keeps on falling, but what about support for teenagers who do have babies?
In the latest in a series of research and policy reviews on teenage pregnancy, we highlight how attention has predominately focused on the prevention of teenage pregnancy, often to the exclusion of teenagers who become parents.
European day on Anti-Trafficking: Time for Consolidation
TIHR reflects on strengthening organisational and systemic responses in Europe.
New book released: 'Responding to Drug Misuse'
We are delighted to annouce the release of this book containing a chapter by Judy Corlyon, Principal Researcher.

Our consultants are there both to hold the space open for profound discussions and ensure that actions are taken, and accountability lines identified.

The Women and Girls Initiative

The Women and Girls Initiative (WGI) was a National Lottery funded initiative designed to enable a stronger women and girls sector.

We were engaged to deliver the WGI Learning and Impact Services throughout the life of this initiative.

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