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Confounded by culture? Explore and lead

Working with the unseen and the slippery: leveraging organisational culture to enable commercial success

Neurodiversity in the tech industry

A major new global study suggests an urgent need for more equitable and inclusive workplaces.

Organizational Aesthetics — the journal

Organizational Aesthetics is about how the five senses and artistry inform business, non-profit, and government organizations...

Dr Rebecca Nestor
S[in]ging and moving ab[out]

Applying and evolving Deepening Creative Practice in and out of the NHS field, with Bernadette Kennedy and Emily Kyte

Lunchtime Talks
The ticking clock: climate trauma in organisations

Join us for this hybrid Lunchtime Talk with Dr. Rebecca Nestor

Lunchtime Talks
Book Launch: ‘Systems Psychodynamics’

Join us to celebrate the launch of all three volumes in the Systems Psychodynamics series.

Book launch
Wrestling with Differences Workshop 2023

How the theory and practice of Organisation Development struggles to connect its rhetoric with reality.

Professional development
Love at Work

The work of the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations is based on a certain kind of love.

Latest book in our Belgirate series: The Ecosystem of Group Relations

Culture, Gender and Identity in Groups and Organisations

The Hidden Gem of Leadership

Followership Lessons from a Convent Community

Lunchtime Talks
Lateral Authority

Exploring Lateral Relations at Work — a talk by Petros Oratis

Lunchtime Talks
Systems thinking at the Tavistock Institute

— past, present and future

Lunchtime Talks
Consultancy with a light touch

Me and Work: experiences of consulting to organisations, sharing feelings, emotions, failures and learning from them.

Lunchtime Talks
Global socio-technical systems perspectives

The development of compassionate work and organisation design

Lunchtime Talks
Dr. Steven H. Cady
The Future of Humanity Report

— a mashup of indices and qualitative analysis of reports. A talk by Professor Steven H. Cady.

Lunchtime Talks
Survive and Thrive. What are we learning from the pandemic?

The Tavistock Institute team reflect on what learning about resilience is emerging from the coronavirus pandemic.

Lunchtime Talks
What is restored to the picture by delving into the Tavistock archive?

Alice White’s lunchtime talk provides insight into the people, processes, challenges and opportunities behind the Civil Resettlement Units of the 1940s.

Lunchtime Talks
Exploring Harold Bridger’s Archive

This talk explores the ways in which Harold Bridger shaped the history, memory, and identity of the Tavistock Institute between the years 1947 and c.1990

Lunchtime Talks
Strategic Thinking, Design and the Theory of Change

How can the Theory of Change framework be effectively employed in a wide range of social interventions?

Lunchtime Talks
A tale of little numbers affecting big numbers

A CEO asked, how can we encourage integrated working across international boundaries, help competing groups be more outward-focused, and improve business sense?

Reading Seminars on Organisational Consultancy and Change - Book 1

An online series of 6 reflective text-based reading seminars focussing on Organisational Consultancy and Change.

Professional development
Reading Seminars on Organisational Consultancy and Change - Series 1

An online series of 6 reflective text-based reading seminars focussing on Organisational Consultancy and Change.

Professional development
Reading Seminars on Organisational Consultancy and Change - Book 3

An online series of 6 reflective text-based reading seminars focussing on Organisational Consultancy and Change.

Professional development
Leicester Conference 2023

Welcome to this iteration of the Leicester Conference of the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations, celebrating 77 years in 2023.

Leicester Conference 2024

Welcome to the Leicester Conference of the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations, the home of experiential learning and the place to engage with what it means to be human

Join us at our PD Open Evening!
Wondering what’s next for your continuing professional development?
Everything is scattered and the tower has collapsed

Exploring the role of art in activism at the Art of Management and Organisation Conference.

Welcoming Dr John Curran
An anthropological lens on P3C. We are delighted that Dr John Curran is joining the Practitioner Certificate in Consultancy and Change (P3C) faculty for 2022.
All the world’s a stage…
The Leicester Conference 2022 invites us to engage in a new way, studying the capillary, tentacular and rhizomatic in organisations.
For the digital age — an Introduction to Systems Psychodynamics

This book describes this new and expanding paradigm – bringing together the social-technical and the people dimensions for the first time. 

We’re on the move! - a new space for the Institute
Redefining, reshaping and reinventing the work space
Organisational Consultancy: Working with the Dynamics
Are you looking for advanced help with your complex consultative projects?
Professional Development Opportunities
Find out what’s happening in 2021…
Advanced consultancy skills in Systems Psychodynamics
Organisational Consultancy: Working with dynamics 2021
Rediscovering Harold Bridger
His Life, Work and Legacy
“Cases, cases, cases”
Organisational Consultancy: Working with dynamics 2021
Spiritual, alternative and faith organisations in Glastonbury
Challenges and resources for post Covid recovery. The first stage of a research project into spiritual and alternative businesses has just been completed, and is now available online...
Making history in the here and now
Reflections on Black History Month
Christ Church Business School

A new Memorandum of Understanding formalising our partnership.

Seeking Trustees
An opportunity to contribute to social change.
Virtual Workplace Wellbeing
Crisis and Opportunity – the Tavi-Stocktake.
Professional Development Round-up
Read about some of our professional development programmes and the great early bird discounts available...
AOC Reunion in Gdansk
Social dynamics of self-organising groups
Juliet Scott's Keynote in Finland.
Introjective identification: the consultant’s instrument or nemesis?
Mannie Sher delivers the 2019 OPUS Eric Miller Memorial Lecture.
Questions you may be asking yourself
Organisational Consultancy: Working with the Dynamics
Launch - Organisational Consultancy: Working with Dynamics 2020
Applications are now open for this programme.
Research published on collaboration in the Arts sector
Collaborating for change... A research report prepared for Arts Council England.
Learning from Veterans
Reflecting on a recent feasibility study for the Forces in Mind Trust. Sometimes you learn more from facing challenges than from success. In our latest research report, this was definitely the case....
Taking a complexity lens to understanding evaluation failure
In a new blog post on the CECAN website, Dione Hills suggests that a knowledge of complexity...
Join us in Boston!
Bringing ‘Art at Work’ to the Academy of Management annual meeting.
The Organisational Exploratory Program
The Organisational Exploratory Program is an international project aimed at supporting organisations working to serve important social causes across the world.
Rethinking the Here + Now
Working with ideas of Place as a dynamic aspect of role and change.
The Tavistock Institut gGmbH
a new company begins to grow…
Art and Organisation at the Institute

The story of our work with arts. Expanding our disciplines and customising practice.

Locating and Positioning Ourselves as Consultants for Organisational Change
thoughts across the boundary.
Finalist! Award from Responsible Research in Business and Management
Dr Kate Lockwood Harris’ article in Human Relations.
Are spiritual and religious organisations particularly prone to ethical lapses?
The challenges of humanising organisations.
Why evaluation capacity development matters: the British Council approach

Defining critical factors for the success of any evaluation capacity training.

Religion: hard to talk about?
Exploring what happens as the individual and their belief system enters a wider context.
Working with Virtual Strangers:
The Dynamics of Leading and Working in Agile Teams
Working with Virtual Strangers: </br>22 March 2019
The Dynamics of Leading and Working in Agile Teams 
Designing a change project
A practical exploration of consultancy and history. The next ‘shamelessly’ Practical Seminar on 17 January...
Organisational Consultancy Working with the Dynamics
A Reflective Group for Consultants and Change Agents: Starting on 21st January 2019
We have won ‘Best Business Change & Development Consultancy 2018’
Two years in a row - we secure another prestigious Win!
Staying Alive
How to stay emotionally healthy when working as a change agent.
The Smell of Human Flesh
A dynamic exploration of consultancy and history – our new Practical Seminar
The Loneliness of the Long-Distance Consultant
Join a Reflective Group for Consultants to understand the dynamic of projected loneliness.
Intersectionality in Practice: Uncovering our identities at work to embrace change
Practical Seminar for Organisational Change: 1 October 2018.
Organisational Consultancy: Working with the Dynamics
Join a Reflective Consultancy Group for those precious moments of illumination.
Data Overload?
Juliet Scott and Coreene Archer explore our relationship to data in an ISPSO Professional Development Workshop.
Locating and Positioning Ourselves as Consultants for Organisational Change
Next-up in the Practical Seminar Series - 28 June 2018.
Organisational Consultancy: Working with Dynamics
A new Reflective Group for organisational development and change agents.
What can design do to improve our cities?

Promoting and encouraging the take-up of design as an enabler of innovation in the urban environment.  

Evaluation in Designscapes
Generating evidence about design enabled innovation.
National Training Laboratories (USA) and TIHR (UK) meet up again
These two august bodies with common histories, aims and values have re-established connections and are up to something great!
It's raining women
Diversity in the Boardroom
NZ Prime Minister
Juggling Work/Life Balance...
a Practical Seminar Series for Organisational Change...
Multiple Roles: Conflicted Interests
A conference assisting professionals, psychotherapists, academics & managers to work effectively where there are multiple roles with sometimes conflicting interests.
Armed Forces Community Healthcare Navigation
The Tavistock Institute has been commissioned by Forces in Mind Trust (FiMT) to develop and assess an Armed Forces Community Healthcare Navigation pilot in South Birmingham. We are responsible for running a feasibility study assessing the potential for further roll out of the delivery model on a larger scale...
Lunchtime Talks are back! Fitting Care Navigation into Health Systems
This talk by Camilla Child and David Drabble explores the real stories and transformative effects of care navigators and outlines how a socio-technical systems approach can facilitate successful organisational change.
We have won 'Best Business Change & Development Consultancy 2017'
We secure another prestigious Win!
TIHR 70 Festival Symposium
Join us at 'In the Shadow & Light of the Archive'.
The Client speaks...

This article on executive coaching is part of a series of thought-pieces developed by Dr Mannie Sher. In this article, space is given over to the client who speaks about the value of executive coaching.

Conversations from the Archive
Elections as Fairy-tales….
….and the Supervisor as Literary Theorist.
A simpatico relation: Learning to Change in Italian
A review of the Italian translation of a collection of articles and essays by Jean Neumann.
Evaluation of Health Navigation for Diabetes
The use of detention as a defence against intolerable social ambivalence towards asylum-seekers
Recording of David Lawlor & Mannie Sher lunchtime talk - 8th March
Mining the archives: exploring the potential for new applications of STS thinking and practice
Audio Recording: Exploring the potential for new applications of STS thinking and practice. In this talk Camilla Child looks to the Tavistock archives and takes us briefly through STS history and current practice. She looks at recent work with fresh eyes to see if we can uncover new understandings for future practice.
'All research is consultancy; all consultancy is research'

Introducing the series...

Dialogic OD and Beyond: Towards New Forms of Organisational Change
Podcast: Dialogic OD and Beyond: Towards New Forms of Organisational Change. Professor Cliff Oswick on the changing forms of Organisational Development. Listen here.
Managing Dualities in Organisational Change Projects
Podcast from Dr David Shaw lunchtime talk.
Dynamics @ Board Level 2017
“not quite what I had anticipated….”
Replicating social interventions: guidelines for funders and commissioners
Looking to support organisations or interventions to replicate?
Invitation to Object Relations
An exhibition of still life prints, drawings and paintings by Juliet Scott.
International Centre for Social Franchising
The great escalator experiment
Exploring why people resist and other issues…
4,446 books on Amazon on relational practice, but what does it mean?
Karen Izod, TIHR Professional Partner, recently joined us as part of our lunchtime talk series to present some thoughts on what ‘relational practice’ might mean.
Social Seducement: Serious gaming for social entrepreneurship
During 2014-17 we led a pan-European consortium to develop a serious online role play game to train potential social entrepreneurs. The Social Seducement project aims to...
Masculinity, Femininity & Others: new meanings in organisational life
Exploration Session: July 12th, 2016, at Institut Innova, Barcelona.
Dialogue and diagrams: what has CAT got to offer organisational consultancy?
Lunchtime Talk: Anne Benson, 15th June 2016....
Healing with Words and Ideas: from past, present to future with Mannie Sher
As an advisory group member of the Archive Project, I was stimulated to think of my personal archive and how to make it available to the TIHR Archive process. After discovering some notes I had made in 1989 when I was part of a Board to which Eric Miller had been invited to consult ...
Organisational Diagnosis
This is a video of Mannie Sher’s lecture on Organisational Diagnosis to members of the annual group relations conference in China, 2013, organised under the auspices of Oezpa Consulting, Germany.
Is the Working Hypothesis in the Detail?
I have just finished reading Paura Reverenza Terrore (that can be translated as Fear Reverence Terror). It is a book of “political iconography” (as the subtitle reads) by Carlo Ginzburg, an Italian historian of ideas. The book is a collection of five essays published between 2001 and 2009 and for the first time offered to the Italian reader within one publication...
Lunchtime Talk: Handling Complexity
The third in the series of lunchtime dialogues on the Dynamics of Evaluation.
Launching HOUR, an action learning group
HOUR group: Harnessing Organisational Understanding and Role.
Fair Share - learning by developing
The Tavistock Institute of Human Relations (TIHR) is part of Fair Share, an EU-wide free online training platform for fair trade entrepreneurs, employees and volunteers.
Does love matter? fear and compassion in organisations and leadership
First UNIR-Tavistock Chair Openclass
'Reflective practice bridges the gap between theory, skills, values and methods'
TIHR Opportunities
'Most of us have jobs that are too small for our spirits.' We pride ourselves in being the exception to this observation. We are inviting experienced...
Edging towards 2017
Cataloguing the TIHR archive...
Podcast: Evaluation as reflective practice
The first in a new series of lunchtime dialogues on The Dynamics of Evaluation
Dynamics in the Boardroom:
Dynamics in the Boardroom: a vital skillset for all Directors.
IDEAS for improving access to Higher Education
Lunchtime Talk: Sadie King and Leslie Brissett 10th December.
Action in Organisational Design
Lunchtime Talk: Fiddy Abraham - 5th November
What is Capacity Building?
In December 2013, Dr Susan Rosina Whittle and Irish colleagues Anne Colgan and Mary Rafferty presented their review of Capacity Building at a seminar hosted by The Centre for Effectives Services (CES) in Dublin.
What Does Organisational Design Mean for Me and My Work?
A presentation to European Organizational Development Network: EODF Stream in May 2014, by Frances Abraham and Jean Neumann. This forms the third in the series of organizational design themed presentations that reflect TIHR’s continuing learning around design and culture change.
Organisational Resilience and Risk
European Parliament staff workshop exploring the role of organisational design in risk management.
Is It Just Me?
Presentation by Fiddy Abraham, Principal Researcher / Consultant (TIHR) to the European Organizational Design Forum Meeting Vienna 2013: Designing Thriving Organizations: Resilience, Partnership, Enablement.
The role of an ageing workforce in the future of work

Working through images of older people and their role in the systems psychodynamics of organizational life.

Organisational Understanding and Reflection Group for Senior Practitioners
First meetings start in April. Find out more...
From the Buddha to Bion: mindfulness, psychoanalysis and organisational life
In this fascinating talk Tim explores how may we usefully explore underlying states of mind – greed, hatred and delusion (the three ‘poisons’ in Buddhist thought) – in working with the dynamics of contemporary organisations.
NHS Citizen

Creating a system that will genuinely hold the Board of NHS England to account

NHS England says 'Power to the People!'
The CEO of NHS England, Sir David Nicholson said, 'this is a once in a generation opportunity'...
Report: Group Relations Conference in Lithuania - Motivation, Resistance & Change in Organisations & Communities
Directors Report: The fourth 5-day non-residential experiential inductive learning group relations conference in Lithuania was jointly sponsored by the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Vilnius, Lithuania, and by the Group Relations Programme of the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations, London.
BBC invites TIHR expertise for its courageous Respect at Work event
TIHR contribute to a cross industry discussion, led by the BBC, to do with dealing with bullying behaviour in the media industry.
Prevent article published on British Library Portal
Evaluating politically sensitive social programmes: the case of Preventing Violent Extremism (Prevent).
Working with the Dynamics of Lean Transformations
Report: 'Tributaries Not Chains': A Policy Position Paper for LACORS
A study TIHR has carried out with LACORS to help it think about what more it can do to support and drive improvement in local regulatory services, as part of the wider local government improvement agenda.
Report: All Our Futures: The Challenges for Local Governance
A review commissioned by the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister from TIHR, Local Government Information Unit and Solon Consultants.
Report: The Fourth Option - Traditional Values in a Modern Setting?
A policy review for Fourth Option Special Interest Group (FOSIG) of the Local Government Association.
Report: Lithuanian Group Relations Conference - Innovation and Authority in Organisations: Director’s Report
Directors Report from the first-ever 5-day non-residential experiential inductive learning programme in Eastern Europe was conducted at the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Vilnius, Lithuania
Hidden Complexity
Brissett, L. & Sher, M. (2013). ‘Hidden Complexity’, International Corporate Governance Year Book 2013, International Corporate Governance Network. pp. 70-71.
Local Authorities Coordination of Regulatory Services (LACORS)
FOSIG (Fourth Option Special Interest Group)
European Central Bank (ECB)
Devon and Cornwall Constabulary
Major Police Authority
Gloucestershire Local Government Association
Durham District Councils
British Council
ABSA Bank South Africa
The Fourth Option: Traditional Values in a Modern Setting
The Fourth Option Special Interest Group (FOSIG) represents the interests of a group of district councils who opted for a streamlined committee system as opposed to a mayor/leader cabinet (executive) arrangement in the reorganisation of local government after the 2000 Local Government Act.
LAAs, LSPs and Behaviour Change
The priorities being agreed between councils, local partners and central government in local area agreements point to the fact that influencing people’s behaviour is an increasingly important aspect of local council’s aspirations.
Police Counselling Service Audit
The Tavistock Institute helped a police service to design an audit process as part of a wider quality assurance programme for the organisation’s Occupational Health service.
Provision of Quality Assurance Advice as part of the Review of the Public Diplomacy Pilots
An extension of recent work with the Public Diplomacy partners to develop, design and implement the Influencer Tracker.
Provision of Works and Services Related to the Ongoing Implementation of the ECB Diversity Strategy
The Tavistock Institute consultants and researchers have been engaged by the ECB, a multi-national and multi cultural organisation, to guide and assist its HR Policies and Staff Relation Division with the implementation of its Diversity Strategy.
Impact Assessment of the Performance Partnership
The Local Government Association (LGA) commissioned the Tavistock Institute and the Local Government Centre, Warwick Business School, to undertake an impact assessment of the Performance Partnership Central Bodies on local government improvement.
LACORS Regulation for Excellence: an Organisational Review
This project involves the Tavistock Institute working with LACORS to help the organisation to:
Evaluation of the Human and Environmental Factors in Devon and Cornwall Police Call Centres
An evaluation as part of a wider organisational consultancy project by The Tavistock Institute which involved a combination of primary data collection through interviews and focus groups (with both staff and supervisors) and secondary analysis of existing documentation resulting in a report outlining main recommendations.
Engaging Democracy: A Fresh Approach to Local Governance in County Durham
This project involves the development of a clear and realistic strategy for the introduction of a more devolved and engaged form of local governance across a county.
A Leadership Development Programme for a Bank's Business Heads
The bank had lost elements of it business focus as the current business model had had the effect of turning the 34 businesses into self-contained 'silos'.
Review of Strategic Partnership Working in Gloucestershire
A review which was facilitated by TIHR focused as much on the underlying dynamics of partnership as on structures.
Interpretations of Socio-Technical Systems: two stories and the narrative of an organisation
A presentation given by TIHR Principal Researcher / Consultant Frances Abraham and Researcher / Consultant David Drabble to the Socio-Technical Systems (STS) Roundtable: What’s Humane got to do with it?, September 13th, 2012.
Complexity Theory: Going Deeper
Part-two of Eliat Aram's lunchtime talk series introducing Complexity Theory
Action Research and Organisational Change in Third Sector Organisations - Workshop
A collaboration between Coordinamento Nazionale delle Comunit' di Accoglienza (C.N.C.A.) and The Tavistock Institute of Human Relations Lamezia Terme, Italy, October 16 - 19, 2012
Kurt Lewin's 'Contemporaneity' Rule
In the third-part of our continuing series addressing selected Lewinian principles, Dr Jean Neumann (TIHR, Sr Fellow in Scholarly Practice) turns her attention to Kurt Lewin's 'Contemporaneity' Rule.
Food for thought at the Tavistock Institute - a cultural centrepiece
Developing research, ideas and relationships through our lunchtime series of talks.
Complexity Theory
Food-for-thought...a lunchtime introduction to Complexity theory by Eliat Aram
A Finnish experience
Bringing TIHR methodology, complexity theory, art and aesthetics to intervention design.
'Thoughts on Strategy: Leading the Contemporary Organisation'
Thoughts on Strategy', an article by Eliat Aram is featured on The British Library's Management and Business Studies Portal.
Comparing TIHR and NTL Founding Traditions
In 2017, both the TIHR and NTL celebrated 70th anniversaries; Dr Jean E. Neumann used the occasion to provide a snapshot history and comparison of these two founding traditions in this talk.
Evaluation of an ESF Communities of Practice
The Tavistock Institute is evaluating the effects and learning from the Communities of Practices (COP) on partnerships in the European Social Fund (ESF).
Participation in the wider research community is at the heart of TIHR
Shaping and learning from the research and evaluation community. Our role in the Social Research Association.
British Library launches new Business Management portal
New portal linking management researchers to the work of the Tavistock Institute.
Communicating with Europe
Evaluating the effectiveness and efficiency of the European Direct Contact Centre.
Letter to the editor: Management theory and its application
You can't teach management, you need to experience it...
The Leicester Conference

The 14-day experiential learning event that provides space to reflect and contemplate, within a global cohort, how you lead and follow in your organisation, your community and your life!

Practitioner Certificate in Consulting and Change

A certificated programme providing you with advanced theoretical and practical foundations to grow and deepen as an organisational consultant or change agent.

Organisational Consultancy: Working with the Dynamics

A hybrid/online series of 6 reflective seminars, for experienced consultancy practitioners focussing on advanced consultancy skills in Tavistock Institute Systems Psychodynamics.

Certificate in Supervision for Coaching & Consultancy

A hybrid, certificated professional development programme in 3 modules, accredited by the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations.

The Tavistock Institute Archive

The archive project aims to celebrate and re imagine the 75-plus years work of the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations by making its archival material accessible and engaging newly with it.

The Awakening Organisation

An Awakened organisation or individual has little or no gap between what it says and what it does.

Certificate in Dynamics @ Board Level

A certificated programme comprising 4 × 2-day modules for those sitting on or working with boards.


How we are responding to the climate emergency

Reading Seminars on Organisational Consultancy & Change

An online series of 6 reflective text-based seminars...

Wrestling with Differences

How the theory and practice of Organisation Development struggles to connect its rhetoric with reality.

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