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CyborgORG: The Human/Machine Organization

From coal mines to WeWork: learning from the Tavistock Tradition, researching the contemporary workplace — a lunchtime talk by Jack Marmorstein.

Lunchtime Talks
Virtual Reality

A lunchtime talk by Coreene Archer and David Drabble.

Lunchtime Talks
A.K. Rice: A Forgotten Giant at The Tavistock Institute

Jean Neumann and Antonio Sama trace A.K. Rice’s legacy embedded and captured in articles, books and other source documents.

Lunchtime Talks
Global socio-technical systems perspectives

The development of compassionate work and organisation design

Lunchtime Talks
Digital Surgery — approaches and challenges of working virtually
Talks & presentations
ASM Lithography (ASML)
All the world’s a stage…
The Leicester Conference 2022 invites us to engage in a new way, studying the capillary, tentacular and rhizomatic in organisations.
For the digital age — an Introduction to Systems Psychodynamics

This book describes this new and expanding paradigm – bringing together the social-technical and the people dimensions for the first time. 

Digital work courses at the Tavistock Institute
Rewriting sociotechnical systems for remote teams.
Redefining Leadership HERE AND NOW
Latinoamerican Online Group Relations Conference - Join us: 24- 28 March 2021
The 4th Patchwork
Group Relations is a body of practice rooted in the socio-technical systems psychodynamic tradition developed at the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations.
Launch - Organisational Consultancy: Working with Dynamics 2020
Applications are now open for this programme.
3 October - Celebrating 10 Years of TIHR Lunchtime Talks with a bumper allotment lunch
You are cordially invited to...
Opening the Tavistock Institute’s Archives: Dialogue between Past and Present
International Symposium delivers on 70th festival promise at AOM Annual Meeting
New TIHR collaboration in South Africa
A new partnership delivering a 4-module certificated programme in the Dynamics of Leadership & Consulting.
Lunchtime Talks are back! Fitting Care Navigation into Health Systems
This talk by Camilla Child and David Drabble explores the real stories and transformative effects of care navigators and outlines how a socio-technical systems approach can facilitate successful organisational change.
Call for Contributions Extended!
Celebrating 70 years: Reimagining Human Relations in our Time
From Ahmedabad to TCBL: an evaluator’s perspective on the Institute’s work in the textiles sector
Papers relating to the Tavistock Institute’s work in the cotton mills have now been catalogued as part of the Tavistock Institute Archive Project and are available for research at Wellcome Library. The archive covers the experimental reorganisation of weaving in both Indian and American cotton mills, from the perspectives of A K Rice and Eric Miller working in the field. Records include project papers, detailed field notes, research material and data, and correspondence. Clothes are something we put on every day. And yet, most of us pay little attention to who makes them, the raw material, skills and technology needed to produce them, where they are made, and the waste that is generated by making and buying clothes. [...]
Call for Contributions extended!
We are delighted and excited to be issuing this call inviting contributions to our festival in October 2017. Taking place over four days, Reimagining Human Relations in our Time, will be a multi-sited event taking place in the public domain. Its aims are: To engage and expand research interest in the Tavistock Institute’s archive material that is being catalogued at the Wellcome Library. To invite creative participation in our programme of work; our philosophical approach; applied methodologies and their potential in tackling current societal challenges. To offer activities consistent with the Tavistock Institute’s history and practice that will support an improved understanding of wellbeing- in its individual, organisational and societal dimensions. [...]
The use of detention as a defence against intolerable social ambivalence towards asylum-seekers
Recording of David Lawlor & Mannie Sher lunchtime talk - 8th March
Mining the archives: exploring the potential for new applications of STS thinking and practice
Audio Recording: Exploring the potential for new applications of STS thinking and practice. In this talk Camilla Child looks to the Tavistock archives and takes us briefly through STS history and current practice. She looks at recent work with fresh eyes to see if we can uncover new understandings for future practice.
The Use of Detention as a Defence Against Intolerable Social Anxiety Towards Asylum Seekers
Dr David Lawlor & Dr Mannie Sher. Paper published in Socioanalysis: Special Issue - Seeking Asylum 18: 2016 (40 - 52)
Social Science in Action: reports from Tavistock Institute Archive
Handling complexity: online dialogue with evaluation stakeholders
The third open-class of Tavistock Chair in Social Science for Education and Change at UNIR University will take place on November 30th.
Review of Mental Health Issues in Immigration Return Centres
A report prepared for Home Office by Dr David Lawlor, Dr Mannie Sher and Dr Milena Stateva.
Organisation design in focus: practice, theory, meaning
A chance to explore organisational design more deeply at the EODF Annual Meeting: 17-18 October.
Organizational design and culture change at TIHR
Three recent presentations reflect TIHR’s continuing learning around design and culture change.
EODF 2013 conference: 11-12 October 2013, Vienna
'Designing Thriving Organisations: Resilience, Partnership, Enablement'.
STS: socio-technical systems 2012 working conference
Canterbury, UK: September 12th - 15th
What's humane got to do with it?'
On 12th-15th September 2012, The Tavistock Institute of Human Relations joins forces with the STS Roundtable and Canterbury Christ Church University to sponsor a working conference in Canterbury, UK
A Finnish experience
Bringing TIHR methodology, complexity theory, art and aesthetics to intervention design.

Our consultants are there both to hold the space open for profound discussions and ensure that actions are taken, and accountability lines identified.

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