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The PARCS Grows Everybody Podcast

Listen to the PARCS Grows Everybody podcast via Spotify.

Positive destinations

Evaluating Barnardo's support programmes for care-experienced young people

Integration of Young People who are NEET

Learning from the ‘NEETs in Action’ Erasmus+ project.

Lunchtime Talks
Boosting Human Capital for the 21st century

The Tavistock Institute team talk about a project designed to help low-skilled jobseekers train for future employment.

Lunchtime Talks
'In Their Words'

Green light for the 'PARCS Grows Everybody' Rape Crisis oral history project, exploring the legacy of Portsmouth Abuse and Rape Counselling Service.

Launching Young Leaders: 1-day experiential workshop
New perspectives on your role
When small numbers conflict with big data

Unraveling the collusive dynamic of the shared unconscious belief that low skilled individuals are beyond hope.

#13 Social Dreaming Matrix: Covid-19 - a year on. Notes from 10th June 2021
#8 Social Dreaming Matrix: Covid-19 a year on. Notes from 6th May 21
#7 Social Dreaming Matrix: Covid-19 a year on. Notes from 29th April 21
#4 Social Dreaming Matrix: Covid-19 a year on. Notes from 8th April 21
Dione (Sanji) Hills (1948 - 2021)
We are extremely sad to announce that our dear friend and colleague Dr Dione Hills has died following a sudden and short illness.
Self Leadership, Group Leadership Workshop
Exploring managing others and managing yourself - workshop for young leaders
Short-termism and Power Plays
Dynamics at Board Level
Young Leadership in Cambridge University
The relationship between identity and leadership continues to be a question that requires examination at all ages.
Task – Authority- Organisation
Birthing, Learning, Leading in a time of (post) Pandemic
Outcomes for NEETs and community networks
Sharing more findings from the impact evaluation of the European project aimed at NEETs.
Breaking down binaries; promoting integrated health
A holistic leadership view for a covid resilient society.
Medici Digital Stories
The launch of a new podcast...
Networks for NEETS
Employment opportunities through social and peer networks.
Life during COVID Times
Children of Alcohol Dependent Parents.
#15 Social Dreaming Matrix during the Covid-19 pandemic. Notes from 22nd June
Medici is live!
Addressing digital exclusion through sharing best practices.
Creating beyond silos
Awakening the creative shadow in each of us.
Focusing On Bolder Opportunities?
Molding consensus
Launching Young Leaders workshop
An aspirational training project for the 21st Century
An action research project to train low-skilled school-leavers, without prospects, for employment.
European research excellence @TIHR
Tackling complex societal challenges...
Testing New Ground
The Tavistock Institut gGmbH
a new company begins to grow…
Break out of the same-old... 

Whether you’re starting your first job, moving to a new one, or trying to break out of the same-old, there are ways of working that can give you a big advantage

Art and Organisation at the Institute

The story of our work with arts. Expanding our disciplines and customising practice.

Leading with Heart
Launching Young Leaders. Next workshop Friday, 17 May
Eliat Aram, CEO
on the role of the Tavistock Institute in developing leadership
#2 Social Dreaming Matrix Notes from 16th November
#1 Social Dreaming Matrix Notes from 6th November
Quantitative Researcher - wanted!
We are looking to recruit a Quantitative Researcher.
Step Up Final Evaluation Report and Film
Co-produced evaluation of three-year mental health intervention completes, culminating in a report and short film.
Delivering Prevent: A guide for effective practice
The TIHR was commissioned by the Home Office to undertake research to identify the factors that contribute to ‘effective’ Prevent implementation.
NEETS in Action

Developing an innovative model, TIHR continues research with young people who are NEET in Europe.

On being an Orphan </br>- an untold story
Celebrating the publication of the Tale of Taviland.
Where am I going?
How can I get there? Young people on the move...
We are "25% of the population but 100% of the future"
A quote from one of the young people that came to the Launching Young Leaders workshop we ran earlier...
TIHR 70 Festival Picks 3
Third in the series highlighting festival contributions.
Crossing boundaries: immerse yourself in the arts during our festival
A roundup of artistic interventions taking place as part of our 70th Festival.
Launching New Animation: Use of Social Media in Emergencies
Animation summarising some of the key messages and learnings from the Emergent Project.
The Application of Tavistock Group Relations - Guliverio Akademija
A new school opens in Lithuania.
The Social Seducement story: the value of online games in enterprise creation
Lunchtime Talk Extra: David Drabble, Heather Stradling - listen online
A new space for leadership – 21st July
Launching Young Leaders – one day workshop: 21st July
First results of the ‘NEETS at risk’ project
After a successful piloting of the developed model in three European countries results are discussed...
Winners! Tavistock is Employer of the Year!
The Tavistock Institute is chosen as the UK Employer of the Year 2017 at the WorldPay FSB awards!
Call for Contributions Extended!
Celebrating 70 years: Reimagining Human Relations in our Time
Not sure what to do next? We’re recruiting our next apprentice…
Our apprenticeship programme is coming into its fifth year and we are looking for the next person to join our team.
Call for Contributions extended!
We are delighted and excited to be issuing this call inviting contributions to our festival in October 2017. Taking place over four days, Reimagining Human Relations in our Time, will be a multi-sited event taking place in the public domain. Its aims are: To engage and expand research interest in the Tavistock Institute’s archive material that is being catalogued at the Wellcome Library. To invite creative participation in our programme of work; our philosophical approach; applied methodologies and their potential in tackling current societal challenges. To offer activities consistent with the Tavistock Institute’s history and practice that will support an improved understanding of wellbeing- in its individual, organisational and societal dimensions. [...]
Exploring the TIHR experience of Co-Production
Lunchtime Talk: Heather Stradling 30th November
Sweets, Cats and Kitchens: My experience cataloguing the TIHR archive material
On a blue skied Monday in July I made my way to Euston station to join Elena Carter, the Tavistock Institute of Human Relation’s (TIHR) archivist, at the Wellcome Trust. This was the first day of my short placement where I was helping to catalogue the remaining registered document series reports (SA/TIH/B/1) before they were released in early September. As an apprentice at the TIHR opportunities come in a variety of places and as a member of the archive project team it seemed appropriate that I would be able to interact with the material and learn more about how the TIHR became what I now know it to be ...
Future Pulse: Young People Shaping Health Services
An exciting conference showcasing Future Pulse's achievements in making health services better for children & young people.
Stepping Up
Step Up is a three-year programme that will end with an evaluative report co-produced by TIHR & Step Up champions.
What has the EU ever done for us?
Why Europe is central to the work of the Tavistock Institute.
Not sure what to do next year?
We’re recruiting our next apprentice… The TIHR apprenticeship programme is coming into its fourth year and we are looking for the next person...
EU debate: Theatrics, disillusionment & thinking above the noise
Nick Preston, Apprentice at TIHR, raises his voice & is heard in the Guardian.
What is evidence? Learning from the experience of Project Oracle, children and youth evidence hub
Podcast available: ‘What is evidence?’ Georgie Parry-Crooke asked at the start of a lunchtime talk in May 2016.
Evaluating Havering’s Children in Care Council
The London Borough of Havering partnered with the TIHR to evaluate their children in care council.
Poetry as tool
Poetry as tool to reveal evidence about mental wellbeing of young people in care.
Evaluating ourselves
Findings from the TIHR apprentice scheme.
Personal Relationships and Poverty: What Works as Anti-Poverty Strategies
Lunchtime Talk: 15 April 2015
Not your average apprenticeship
Lunchtime Talk: Dr Kerstin Junge & Giorgia Iacopini
From their paper at the Evaluation for an Equitable Society (EES) conference.
Remembering, learning and the Media
Eliat Aram considers ‘transformative thinking’ as bringing about systemic learning one year on from the BBC’s Respect at Work expert panel.
Next Lunchtime Talk: Matt Gieve and David Drabble – 9 April
The evaluation of Shift.ms, and online social network for people with multiple sclerosis.
Evaluation of Shift.ms
We have recently completed a service evaluation of Shift.ms, an online social network for young people with multiple sclerosis.
February's Lunchtime Talk: </br>Tim Dartington - 5th February
From the Buddha to Bion: mindfulness, psychoanalysis and organisational life.
December's Lunchtime Talk: </br>Dr Thomas Spielhofer
New methods for gathering qualitative data in TIHR research and beyond.
November's Lunchtime Talk: </br>Kari Hadjvassiliou
Traineeships/Internships in the EU: A Route to Sustainable Employment or to a Dead End?
Participatory Action Research of Fostering Futures
Evaluating Fostering Futures therapeutic fostering service through action research...
Young people share their thoughts about the future
'I don’t know many people who have followed their dreams, but I know a lot of people who haven’t and are depressed.'
Social inclusion through employment: learning from Roma integration
Research and guidance on good practices for policy makers and practitioners.
Tavistock Institute in academic exchange with Vilnius University, Lithuania
Mannie Sher teaches and consults in Lithuania under the Erasmus programme of the EU.
Straight Talking (with funds from the DCFS and Barking and Dagenham PCT)
Earning not learning?
An Assessment of Young People in Jobs Without Training (JWT)
Launch of the Realising Ambition Programme - preventing youth offending through replication of proven interventions
We are undertaking the process evaluation of Realising Ambition Programme.
Addressing early school leaving
How can colleges, communities, families and policymakers reduce the high school drop out rates of young people in Europe?
Process evaluation: how to replicate interventions which stop youth offending
Launch of TIHR's Process Evaluation of the Big Lottery Fund's 25 million 'Realising Ambition' programme.
Equipping young people to navigate in the digital world
Most young people are 'netizens' and 'digital natives', but not all young people have the opportunities to fully exploit the digitalised world.
Why talk about behaviour change?
Camilla Child, Principal Researcher/ Consultant talks about her work with Rachel Litherland and the IDeA.
Judy Corylon explains 'What's the impact of Straight Talking?'
Straight Talking, a school-based course for Year 9 or Year 10 students, aims to reduce the high rates of teenage pregnancy in the UK.
Launching Young Leaders

Finding Authority, Role and Impact – for young people who want to make a difference

Team working: how to succeed

A new online course for everyone interested in how groups work, hosted with FutureLearn

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