Echoes of Fraternity

Echoes of Fraternity

“Echoes of Fraternity” was a workshop that questions the notion of fraternity by bringing to the forefront its relevance and topicality in our interconnected world.

In this workshop participants of all generations were able to explore various dimensions of brotherhood linkage and sense of connectedness in our digital and better-informed societies.

The workshop utilised videos, music and dance to produce a dynamic and joyful atmosphere, while at the same time addressing some sensitive issues. Challenging feelings such as love and hatred, envy and desire, anger and laughter, violence and tenderness, “Echoes of Fraternity” resonates in political terms with identity, gender, community, nationality and racism issues. The work done during this session was powerful and emotional.


This event took place live at the festival and was not documented for the the ArchLive.


Philippe Lawson, Adviser in Leadership and Transformation. Founder and Director of Otherness, an organizational consulting firm specialized in the creation of innovative workshops and managerial seminars. Trained as an executive coach and as a group relations consultant, Philippe is a graduate in management and political studies of the Institut d’Etudes Politiques de Paris and has a law degree from La Sorbonne University, Paris. Born in Togo, he lives in France.Faisal Hanif Khan, Adviser in Leadership and Transformation at Otherness. Certified group relations consultant. English teacher and lecturer specialist of South-Asia. Graduated in Political Sciences and Oriental Studies from INALCO, Paris. Born in Pakistan, lives in France.
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