Library Tour & Archive Show & Tell

Library Tour & Archive Show & Tell

During this walk around Wellcome Library we explored the basement stacks to see where the Tavistock Institute archive is housed, and walked through the library to see how the Institute’s history connects with other collection holdings.

The tour began at the Library desk, weaving its way down to the basement, and through the library’s extensive collection of open access books. The tour ended up in the Library’s Viewing Room, where participants were had the opportunity to handle, browse and engage with selected highlights from the Tavistock’s 70 year history. Individuals involved in the cataloguing and research of the archive were on hand to answer questions, and there was opportunities to share thoughts, reactions and emotions inspired by the material.

Participants also had the opportunity to learn how to navigate the catalogue so they could begin their own research at Wellcome Library, with an archivist on hand to guide them through the library’s online catalogue and ordering process. We hope this session provided a springboard for those attending to begin exploring the many stories waiting to be discovered in the Tavistock archive.

More details on joining the library can be found here.


Elena Carter - I am an archivist at Wellcome Library. This means I help look after and facilitate access to the Library’s diverse and unique collections, to allow researchers to explore and engage with history through the lens of the medical humanities.As part of this role, I spend one day a week working on the Tavistock Institute archive project. My particular focus is providing support to the 2017 Festival and audience and research engagement. I worked as the Tavistock Institute’s Archivist between October 2015 and March 2017, cataloguing and making accessible parts of the Institute’s extensive and rich archive.Danny Rees is the Engagement Officer for the Wellcome Library. He is a qualified Librarian who runs tours and a series of public talks called ‘Insights’ to help showcase the breadth of the material held in the collections.Hannah Eyles - I took on the role of the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations Project Archivist in April 2017, and I am based at the Wellcome Trust. My role primarily involves cataloguing the historical materials of the Institute to make them physically and intellectually accessible to wider audiences and researchers. As a recently qualified archivist, the TIHR Archive Project is an opportunity to immerse myself in the rich and extensive archive of such an interesting and diverse organisation.
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