Tavistock Poetry Reading

Tavistock Poetry Reading

A strong theme among Tavistock Institute practitioners is that they don’t just explore the world through their social science identities, but they also realise the value offered by the creative arts in making sense and communicating complex societal challenges.  Over the last six years poets, artists, storytellers and filmmakers have visited the P3C (Practitioner Certificate in Consulting and Change) programme bringing this different perspective to questions of organisational development.

This poetry session is given by two Tavistock social scientists who both fulfil this intra-disciplinarity and have also become successful poets.  At the end of the first day of the festival they select and read poems that have been influenced by their Tavi identities, their organisational, research and evaluation practice.


Selected readings from Joe Cullen and Karen Izod:[x_audio_embed][/x_audio_embed]


Joe Cullen: aka ‘Bard of Dalston’, has been published in a number of poetry magazines and journals including ‘South Poetry, ‘South Bank Poetry’, ‘Other Poetry’,  ‘Long Poem Magazine’, ‘Decanto’, ‘The North’, ‘Stand’ and ‘The Delinquent’ as well as ‘Footballpoets.org’. Poetry awards and commendations include: ‘Poetry Pulse’, 2012; ‘Rhyme & Reason’, 2012; ‘Sportswriters Awards’, 2012. He has given poetry readings at Torriano, London, RADA, London, Salisbury Arts Centre, Barbican Arts Centre, Poetry Café, London and the Crystal Palace festival. He was nominated by ‘South Poetry’ for the Forward Prize 2010/11 in the ‘best single poem’ category and received a 2012 ‘Poetry Kit’ Award for best poem of 2012.  Themes in his work include politics, place, identity, popular culture and biblical stories.See and hear work at: www.bardofdalston.co.uk. Joe is also a Professional Partner of the Tavistock Institute.Karen Izod:  Poet and writer on wild places, thin places, city spaces, people, politics, memories that weave through places and generations. You can see or hear some of her poetry at: Karnacology; New Welsh Review; Poetry Shed; Agenda Poetry.Additionally Karen’s poetry has been published in Agenda, Journal of Attachment, and a number of anthologies including Paper Swan’s Best of British, Curlew Calling, the Stanley Spencer Competition anthology, and Dempsey and Windle.Karen is also a Consultant to Organisational Change and Professional Development, and Professional Partner at the Tavistock Institute.
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