The Earth Body We Live in and its Energetic Resources

The Earth Body We Live in and its Energetic Resources

An action research in Group Relations Conferences (GRC) on social ecology.

With the aid of a video Energy, Creative Collaboration and Wellbeing in the organisations’ (ECW), a particular approach to Group Relations work was presented in this workshop that introduced new events focused on body and voice awareness.

The task of the workshop was to offer some new ideas to the Group Relations field: expanding our focus of attention and in particular awareness of the contexts where activities take place; moving from one’s own inner landscape – physical as well as psychological – to the larger context one is inhabiting. This linked with reflections on our use of resources and considerations related to the issue of sustainability and climate change.

The event offered the opportunity to experience a taste of the research that is developing in the Italian GRCs. From the main themes of authority, leadership and followership, the field of awareness has expanded through the exploration of contexts where the learning takes place. Participants were invited to experience ‘our body’ as a vehicle for understanding the ‘earth body’ we live in and its energetic resources.

The workshop offered a taste of one of the new body based events introduced in the video ECW, and then have time for feedback and reflections.


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Luca Mingarelli - I was born in Milan Italy in 1963; I am chair /president il Nodo Group Association, psychotherapist and social entrepreneur; I am the owner and president also of Rosa dei Venti Foundation that holds two Training Centres for adolescents with personality disorders; I have a trust and passion for Group Relations Conferences; I have been in the staff of Italian and international conference since 2009 and I originated the GRC ECW (Energy Collaborative Creation and Wellbeing in organisations that has been sponsored by Tavistock) and LFA(Learning from Action) coming from R.Hinshelwood’s idea; in the last three years I have been director of our Il Nodo Group GRC focused on the Mediterranean with the title “Liquid Boundaries and Solid borders, to support a transformative leadership”Franca Fubini - Italian psychoanalytic psychotherapist, group analyst and organisational consultant (trained at the Tavistock Consulting Services). Works in private practice and for the public administrations. Has been director and consultant of GRC in Italy and abroad. Chair of the Gordon Lawrence Foundation, vice chair of il Nodo, member of OPUS and ISPSO.
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