Curious about the Leicester Conference?

Curious about the Leicester Conference?

Open and informal meeting for anyone who would like to chat about the Leicester Conference


Thursday 9 May 2024, 1pm — 2pm


Online and in-person at our Gee Street office

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Informal meeting

Please join Associate Director Rachel Kelly, Administrator Leah Ashton-Hurst and Conference Director Dr Eliat Aram, for this informal meeting about the upcoming Leicester Conference.

We are delighted that Dr Nasrin Amiri, who has attended Leicester in the past, will be at this meeting to share her thoughts and respond to questions. 

Dr Amiri says:  “With respect to all those who have made this space possible, I hope that sharing my past experience with the group may encourage us as all to participate with more confidence and commitment.”

We know that joining Leicester is a big step in the dark for a lot of people, especially if you are new to group relations.

Is it for me?

How can I persuade my employer that this investment will be worthwhile?

Will there be people from my continent?

What if I’m completely new to group relations?

At this online meeting, we will chat about the Leicester Conference and about group relations. You can bring any concerns or questions you have and you definitely won’t be pressured to sign up. 

Read this blog for insight into what it might be like to arrive at your first Leicester Conference.

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