Global socio-technical systems perspectives

Global socio-technical systems perspectives

The development of compassionate work and organisation design

The talk is introduced by Camilla Child from the Tavistock Institute, followed by a  presentation by members of the Global Network for SmarT Organization Design.

For over 70 years, there has been a community of academics and practitioners discovering and designing a balance that integrates people, technology, and organisation to create humane and productive work systems. The approach is known as socio-technical systems (STS). More than ever, in the pandemic/post-pandemic world, this work is essential for the development of compassionate work and organisation design.

The Global Network for SmarT Organisation Design brings together practitioners from across the world to share developments, build on these traditions, and organise conferences and seminars. Following our lunchtime talk on systems thinking, we are delighted to present the work of current Global Network members who bring us up to date with their current thinking, practice and emergent work, highlighting the regional differences which have developed over time.

Recording of the talk

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