The Tavistock Community: our story so far…

The Tavistock Community: our story so far…

A talk presented by Agnès Berthoz, Laure Fraval, Kalina Stamenova and Eva Worm

A talk presented by Agnès Berthoz, Laure Fraval, Kalina Stamenova and Eva Worm

The idea to create a Tavistock Community grew from people completing the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations’ (TIHR) professional development programmes and wanting to stay connected to both the TIHR itself and to people they met through the programmes. The concept was built upon during an open space event at 70th Festival celebrations, during which TIHR offered people an opportunity to join in its creation.

The purpose of the community is to provide a homebase for people interested in Tavistock Institute thinking, a forum to exchange and develop ideas, practice, feel connected and promote the Tavistock approach.

For over 18 months, a diverse building group made of members of the Alumni and members of the Tavistock Institute have met regularly in person and online to share a number of ideas, aspirations and desired objectives to help shape the community’s unique creative identity.

Four members of the building group Eva Worm, Laure Fraval Kalina Stamenova and Agnès Berthoz share what the community represents to them during an interactive Lunchtime Talk. It provided an opportunity to engage in thinking about what further opportunities the community could offer and some of the challenges it might face.

Recording of the talk

Agnès Berthoz is French originally from Marseille and a long term resident in London where she lives with her two children.  Agnes has a degree in European Business Management and worked in a number of public and private organisations as a programme manager in the sectors of Textile, Civil and Structural engineering and Education. In 2017, she attended the Leicester Conference and qualified as a leadership and professional development coach from the Tavistock Institute.

Laure Fraval is an experienced Executive Coach and Consultant for Change specializing in the broad Human Resources space. Over her 20 + year career, she has helped executives, management teams and boards redefine their strategies and their ways of being to achieve more meaningful conversations and decision-making for their organisations, their families and the wider communities. Laure works internationally and across many sectors with a focus on banking, technology, pharmaceutical and non-for-profit. Her systemic and humanistic approaches have resulted in significant changes and development in the various organisations she has contributed to. She is an PCC ICF accredited Executive Coach, a Fellow of the CIPD and has an MBA from Durham University with a specialisation in the Non for Profit sector.

Kalina Stamenova, PhD is an academic and a researcher at the University of Essex, UK. Her research interests include the application of group relations methodology in university teaching, psychoanalytic methods of research, organisational dynamics and psychoanalysis and education.  She has recently published a book on psychoanalytic methodologies Stamenova, K & Hinshelwood, R.D. (2018) Methods of Research into the Unconscious: Applying psychoanalytic ideas to social sciences. London: Routledge

Eva Worm lives in Denmark together with her husband, three children and a dog. Originally qualified in law, she supplied her education with an additional master’s degree in Organisational Psychology. Throughout her time in the labour force, she was occupied with prisons and worked more than 15 years as a leader in the Danish Prison and Probation service, both in a prison and in the agency.  Eva’s fundamental premise during work with the services has been ‘you imprison a beast and meet a person’.”

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