Anna Sophie Hahne

Anna Sophie Hahne

BA Psychology and Education Science; MSc Psychology
Senior Researcher and Consultant

My passion for making sense of data and making data more relevant to everyone, compelled me to become a quantitative researcher. I am in constant search of the best-suited approach to answering real-world questions in complex settings, as well as understanding the resistances that the search for knowledge sometimes produces. I use methods and analysis techniques that are derived from social network analysis and quasi-experimental methods – I am always alert to new research methods. 

At the Tavistock Institute, I am fascinated by the opportunities to combine quantitative and qualitative data, using contribution analysis or process tracing. By removing ‘data silos’, we gain comprehensive understanding, and we are enabled to both answer research and evaluation questions, and to contribute to capacity building and continuous learning in our client organisations. Sectors I have worked in include mental health, children and families, employment, environmental and climate change in the EU and UK.

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