Coreene Archer

Coreene Archer

BA (Hons); MA Group Dynamics
Head of People
Organisational Development Consultant
Principal Leadership Coach

I am an organisation consultant and executive coach. This is how I frame my professional identity and describe my role. I work with organisations, groups and individuals exploring issues or challenges that occur. Through this process we surface and navigate emerging difficulties, whilst developing new perspectives and responses. For me, people are endlessly interesting. I am curious about what is said and what remains unsaid, what organisations can do to and for individuals, my contribution is exploring how to make the experience of working life better across a range of sectors. I am interested in the role “difference” plays in identity construction and how leadership emerges. 

A little about who I am: I have been with the Tavistock Institute since 2006. I bring to my role an understanding rooted in over 20 years of management experience as well as my professional training in coaching and consultancy, group dynamics and art history, to which I am currently adding my PhD studies. 

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