Dr. Eliat Aram

Dr. Eliat Aram

PhD, CPsych; MSc Occ Psych; MSc Psychotherapy
Council Ex-Officio

I have always been a ‘grown up’ kind of girl, working and volunteering from age 12. I always knew I wanted to be a mother, a therapist, a partner and a good friend. I was the spokesperson for the underdog for as long as I can remember and fighting for the integrity of role and purpose has somehow been in my bones since growing up. In a series of unexpected yet fortunate events, I rolled into the Tavistock Institute with a similar stance of fearlessness, curiosity and openness that has informed my movements till then, and to date, these are the values that inform my thinking and practice, as a leader and as a person of- and in- service. 

Issues of freedom, authority and learning in a complex, unknowable and surprising world are of daily concern, challenge and excitement to me. How we locate ourselves physically and psychically in our context and what informs us; why we do what we do and how we account for that – both in the sense of being accountable and in the telling of the story (authoring our experiences) - are lines of inquiry that matter to me. I have been fortunate to work across the globe and grapple with cultural and geographical boundaries, labouring to understand the local context where I work, immersing in its vicissitudes. 

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