Henrietta Hale

Henrietta Hale

BSc Psychology; MA Choreography
PhD researcher

I am a PhD researcher exploring embodied methods of inquiry in the archives of the Tavistock Institute, in partnership with Coventry University and Midland4Cities Doctoral Training. I am particularly interested in the relationship between moving, thinking and the perception and valuing of time, and have often framed this thinking under the title ‘lessons of the nervous system.’ This framework uses specific practices of sensory attention to potentially alter the ways that we perceive information about the world and hence affect the world the we perceive through meaning making and performance. My background is in dance and choreography as a performer, teacher, maker and producer for 25 years. 

As co-director of Independent Dance, in partnership with Trinity Laban Conservatoire, I lead Master’s level modules in Embodied Practice and Investigative Practice. Through my artistic work with collective Dog Kennel Hill Project, a company I co-founded in 2004, I have been exploring a performance philosophy of work and labour and creating intimate performance encounters that focus on the experience and perception of social and human relations. This has happened in wide ranging contexts, such as a project on a floating canal boat for Dance Umbrella Festival, a commission for public performances in Teddington Library, and a live gallery exhibition at Modern Art Oxford.

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