Juliet Scott

Juliet Scott

BA Fine Arts; Practitioner Certificate in Consulting and Change (Cert TIHR); MSc Organisational Development and Change: Gestalt, systems and complexity perspective
Business Curator
Director of Deepening Creative Practice
Practice Director Arts & Organisation
Principal Consultant

I am an artist in social practice. Through drawing, paint and print, I study groups of people and objects and their ecological relationships within a wider landscape. I elaborate this into interactions, interventions, installations with individuals, groups and organisations creating challenging and complex settings for meaningful learning and social change. I call this ‘sentient excavation’ – deriving from leading the Institute’s archive, and which is an aesthetic practice working with emotions, sensations, power and politics and the shadow side of new shapes, forms and structures of organisations. 

Art creates the supportive conditions to play and take risks safely. My art in social practice takes its form in the Deepening Creative Practice with Organisations programme - a transdisciplinary space involving different disciplines – visual, dance, performance, poetry – that encounters other Tavistock methods of working with organisations – social dreaming, working with the unconscious, systems psychodynamics. The programme addresses organisational strategic processes, human relations and the influences of ever-changing societal contexts.

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