Kari P. Hadjivassiliou

Kari P. Hadjivassiliou

BA Business Administration; MSc Industrial Relations & Personnel Management
Principal Researcher and Consultant
Employee Trustee

I am a Principal Researcher and Consultant and I co-lead an extensive EU research and evaluation portfolio of work at the Tavistock Institute Germany and its parent organisation, the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations. My approach to evaluation has been heavily informed by my work at the Tavistock Institute in the late 1990s and 2000s. Consequently, I have been applying participatory, mixed-method approaches to evaluation which are embedded in a particular context – I draw on Tavistock’s long-standing tradition in socio-technical systems and systems thinking together with its focus on systems psychodynamics and action research. 

I am particularly interested in theory-based evaluations that can be combined with action learning and reflexive practice. I have 30 years’ experience in international comparative research and evaluation, including the fields of employment and labour markets, school-to-work transitions and career trajectories, and inclusion of young people across the EU; welfare policies; education and training systems, vocational education and training and apprenticeships; and human and social capital development, including adult up-skilling and lifelong learning. My interest and expertise lie in EU-wide research and policy and programme and process evaluation with a stakeholder.

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