Lucy Lloyd

Lucy Lloyd

MSc Voluntary Sector Organisation and Social Policy, London School of Economics
BA Social Anthropology, University of Cambridge
Senior Communications & Engagement Manager

I bring a professional approach to communications and engagement to the Tavistock Institute, with formal training from the Chartered Institute of Public Relations and offering expertise in generating coherence, galvanising action and telling stories. 

I began to specialise in communications and engagement while working in the children and families UK policy world, which I was lucky to join at a time of great growth and change in the late 90s. I wanted to get to the centre and find out how change happens. I helped to lead several small national charities advocating for children and families whose voices were stronger than you might expect for their size and for a few years I led communications for the national Sure Start programme within Government. For the last 11 years I have been immersed in research communications at the University of Cambridge, sharing health research and supporting engagement and impact.

But my working life started at neighbourhood level, at The Black-E, the community arts project in Liverpool 8, and then in Hackney, London. My experiences then left me sometimes sceptical about grand plans and interested in how things play out for people in their daily lives and beliefs. 

Joining the Tavistock Institute in 2023 feels like a leap into the unknown as well as a homecoming. I’m delighted by the chance to cross boundaries, play with creative impulses and explore what we do to build meaning, conceptual approaches and services for people and organisations around the world.

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