Dr. Mannie Sher

Dr. Mannie Sher

BA (Hons) Psychology, Sociology, Social Anthropology & Social Work; AAPSW Psychiatric Social Work; TQAPsych. Adult Psychotherapy; FBAP; PhD Dynamics of Change/Organisation Theory & Thinking
Principal Researcher and Consultant
Executive Coach
Board Evaluator
Employee Trustee

Growing up in South Africa under Apartheid, made me aware of the deep suffering caused by totalitarian regimes. My research consultancy and publishing career, therefore, has been a lifelong mission to improve the lives, the working conditions and the well-being of people as individuals, in their social and work organisations and in their communities where they express their social, political or faith selves. 

At the Tavistock Institute, I manage a portfolio of organisational development and change assignments, focusing on the impact of thought on the dialectic relationship between social constructivism, the unconscious and liberal democracy. I am also a practising psychoanalytical psychotherapist, hence my interest in the causal determinants, both conscious and those that are sometimes hidden, in individuals, groups, organisations and global dynamics, and how these determinants impact social systems. Tavistock Institute group relations theory and practice have hugely influenced my approaches to critical investigation, consultancy and scholarly publication.

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