Matthew Gieve

Matthew Gieve

BA (Joint Hons) Philosophy and Politics; MSc (Hons) Theoretical Psychoanalytic Studies; MSc Psychology, MBPsS
Senior Researcher and Consultant

I am a social researcher, group relations practitioner, and consultant. The thread that connects my various roles and projects is a lifelong interest in social, psychological, and political questions: the ways childhood experiences shape us as adults, how our knowledge and beliefs frame our perceptions, how our organisations, industries, and societies are structured and how these might be changed? Through my work at the Institute, I explore these questions from several angles. 

My research interests, while diverse, predominantly focus on the evaluation of programmes that support young people facing social, familial, or mental health difficulties. These programmes provide the challenge of trying to understand the effect of policy interventions on complex, constantly changing settings. Through Group Relations I aim to create the conditions for studying powerful group processes, again, grappling with the possibility of understanding ever-evolving situations.

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