Nicola Stokes

Nicola Stokes

BA (Hons) History; MA Human Rights
Nicola is no longer an active staff member.

As a mixed methods researcher, I particularly enjoy working on projects that focus on areas of social injustice and inequality where that research has the potential to make tangible change in system structures and ultimately in people’s lives. 

In this vein, I have conducted research on topics including domestic abuse, the experiences of women living with HIV during lockdown and policies that inadvertently facilitate sexual exploitation. I also have experience of collecting qualitative data from participants from vulnerable populations as well as co-producing research projects with key groups and stakeholders. 

Aside from being able to contribute to social change, one of the main reasons I became a researcher was because of my enthusiasm to acquire knowledge and learn new things, and this outlook translates into my free time, which I spend studying languages, acquiring new skills (I recently learned to juggle – sort of) and travelling to places I’ve never been to before.

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