Professor Eenasul Fateh

Professor Eenasul Fateh


Professor Eenasul Fateh. Social scientist, psychologist, strategy consultant; artist-researcher. Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust (Trauma Service), London School of Economics, Loughborough University London, Cranfield University etc. https://www.linkedin.com/in/aladinaladin

My early experience of culture and the arts was of seeing them sited in the community and being generated and sustained by real relationships... I am interested in the discourses preoccupying civil society – and as an artist my actions are inevitably emerging from and responding to events around.. I see my practices as a magician (and strategy consultant) to be concerned at their core with illumination and revelation... It has its complexities if one has things to say as a magician but are not seen to fit into the continuum between con artist, deity/public icon, children’s entertainer and so on. ..It all makes it difficult to define and declare oneself a magician if one feels one’s practice does not conform to these mainstream formulae.

From: Appearance, Reality and Truth in Magic. Performance Research 13(4):75-81. December 2008 

I wrote this in 2007 and I feel it still holds some truths for me, like a refracting prism whose tinctures and facets seem to gain new life with passage of time. I think of and relate to TIHR in similar ways; I also recognise in it qualities of the innovative grafter - greatly valued and impactful, and sometimes passing under the radar, which is a good place to operate from .. and difficult. Across the seemingly different domains I operate within, I work in a muti-modal way, recalibrating as needs; it’s not an easy life, but brings its rewards and I believe generates lasting effects. 

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