Ryan Wise

Ryan Wise

BA Religious & Theological Studies, MA Social Work (Systemic Family Therapy), Postgraduate Certificate in Higher Education, Practice Educator Professionals Standards 1 & 2 (Social Work)
Principal Consultant

I have worked in public services for the last 10 years and developed a passion for exploring how organisations function and operate. My experience has been predominantly in children’s social care, where I’ve worked both in practice and in roles facilitating organisational change. I have encountered the ‘stuckness’ that can arise within the inner workings of complex systems, and I seek to learn and understand how organisational narratives and ways of working develop. Central to my approach is giving time and space to hear the experiences of all actors, exploring each person’s unique story, and how this contributes to how meaning is made within a range of contexts.

Taking a relational approach lies at the heart of my work. I believe in the power of co-production and how connections can spark innovation and meaningful change, shaped by all those involved. For me, beginning with an understanding of self, and how it contributes to group relations, can create the foundation for changing the script and breaking free from the status quo. I thrive on opportunities to support others in investing in self-reflection and considering the socially constructed nature of our lives. I joined the Tavistock Institute with openness and a commitment to learning, taking a vulnerable position to recognise the areas where I can both develop and add value to a diverse group of people working for the public good.

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