Dr. Thomas Spielhofer

Dr. Thomas Spielhofer

BA Philosophy & Theology; MSn Educational Research Methods; DPhil Educational Research; BSc (Hons) Economics & Mathematical Sciences; PGCE Teaching German & Philosophy
Principal Researcher and Consultant

I am an experienced researcher at the Tavistock Institute with a background in educational research, with a particular interest of researching the experiences of marginalised groups such as children in care or young people living with addiction. A lot of my research has explored how particular programmes or projects in the UK or in Europe can help such young people and their families to overcome issues they face and improve their well-being. I do this combining my interest in both qualitative and quantitative methods – having completed an Open University course in Economics and Mathematical Sciences which gave me the tools to use statistical methodologies alongside both qualitative and theory-based evaluations to study such topics. 

More recently, I have also branched out into conducting research for our sister organization, the Tavistock Institute Germany (TIG), on EU tenders exploring education and labour market topics such as the effectiveness of interventions to reduce labour shortages in occupations such as health and social care or how different EU policies have increased the transparency of learning outcomes and supported lifelong learning.

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