3 October - Celebrating 10 Years of TIHR Lunchtime Talks with a bumper allotment lunch

3 October - Celebrating 10 Years of TIHR Lunchtime Talks with a bumper allotment lunch

You are cordially invited to...


16 September 2018

You are cordially invited to the biggest allotment lunch to date savouring 10 years of our Food for Thought Lunchtime Series.

Wednesday 3 October 12.45pm to 2.15pm

For ten years now and taking place (mostly) every three weeks, we have hosted the Food for Thought Lunchtime Talk (LTT) Series. Each year as a celebration of the talks that have taken place we have come together to celebrate all the year’s talk and thought with an annual feast – the Allotment Lunch.

The Allotment Lunch has always been an invitation to co-create a feast. It is made by all those that come from the simple request to bring a contribution to the table –something homemade, homegrown, handpicked and if not homespun a delicacy of your choice. We provide the space, the tables, the cutlery and a few other essentials like steaming coffee for afterwards.

This year the invitation is to all of you who considers yourselves one of the LTT community – those who have talked, attended our talks, listened to talks online or if attending the talks is on your to-do list or you have a talk you would like to propose.

No matter everyone is welcome to this celebration where we might also reflect on how the talks have developed over the years, where they are going whilst our taste buds recall some of their foodie highlights – homemade soya milk for bubble tea; the now obligatory quails egg salad (and peeling of the eggs beforehand); a Far Breton (prune tart from France); autumn crumble biscuits; Sadie’s vegan dhal; mujaddarah an Arab dish of lentils, rice and onions.

The talks themselves have evolved too, starting as a space for staff and associates to share ideas from their varied social science practices and now recorded and disseminated internationally to a growing LTT community. Last year and this year following our 70th-anniversary festival welcoming more international visitors than ever: Susan Long on Social Dreaming; Professor Michael Puett comparing his anthropological studies on Chinese habit and ritual with TIHR group relations.

Closer to home there was Jean Neumann’s Kurt Lewin series; Eliat Aram on Love in Organisations; Camilla Child and Leslie Brissett on contemporary Socio Technical applications in the NHS; the dynamics of evaluation series; Yiannis Gabriel’s foody storytelling as sense-saviour in an era of information overload and many, many more that can be found as recordings here.

And if you haven’t tried one of our talks yet how about one of these upcoming:

The Chair: Politics, Sociology and How to sit on one
Wednesday 5 September 2018, 1-2pm
Rachel Kelly

The Annual Tavistock Institute Allotment Lunch
Wednesday 3 October 12.45pm to 2.15pm

10 October 2018
Dr Sadie King, Principal Researcher/Consultant  and Georgie Parry-Crooke, Principal Researcher/Consultant  
Negotiating independence and the politics of knowledge production. Case study: Female Genital Cutting Human rights and religious freedom

31 October 2018
Jack Marmorstein
Cyborgorg. Addressing the Global Unconscious

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