From small beginnings

From small beginnings

Tavistock Institute and Entelechy Arts. The relationship between the two organisations has grown over the years...

Tavistock Institute and Entelechy Arts

The relationship between Entelechy Arts and the Tavistock Institute began in 2010 when a staff member became a trustee. The relationship between the two organisations has grown over the years, with a strong synergy between the two organisations’ mindset and approach.

Entelechy Arts’ practice of working with multiple art forms as a means of communication and exchange includes music, participatory theatre and dance. Entelechy Arts live up to the meaning of their name – the realisation of potential – in a particularly poignant way by working with the elders in our community and with those suffering from the ailments caused by old age who are often overlooked. Their newest work Theatre of Wandering, made in association with OiBokkeShi, a Japanese theatre company, will be performed next October. It draws upon a community’s experiences and reflections about what it is to live with dementia.

Deepening Creative Practice in organisations is a new programme offered by the Tavistock Institute that embodies the “entelechy” spirit. Working closely with artists of all types, using their knowledge and experience to help participants explore their collective and individual identities and their relationship to leadership. This exciting programme is the first of its kind for the Tavistock Institute, building on the development of our arts and organisational work.

The next season of Deepening Creative Practice will start this April with the ‘Spring’ season. We are currently accepting expressions of interest and applications. The programme fulfils a vital goal of the arts – to help you consider your position and perspective and work with your inner world in the external world and respond.

For more information about the programme, speak to Juliet Scott or Heather Stradling, the programme directors.

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