Group Relations conference in China

Group Relations conference in China

Creating Learning Organisations: Bringing Meaning and Engagement to Work. 1 -16 January 2019


3 December 2018

Creating Learning Organisations: Bringing Meaning and Engagement to Work

World statistics show we spend over 70% of our time at work. Our experience nowadays is marked by rapid social, political and technological turmoil and change. Traditional patterns are breaking down and are being replaced by new forms of organisation, management, leadership and relationships. Family life and structure, the social roles of men and women, and the hierarchical structure of institutions are all shifting. Our workplaces, therefore, need to provide us with a professional home.  How can we do that?

The breakdown of the familiar creates uncertainty and anxiety, but also opportunities for creativity and innovation. If we wish to foster the development of our institutions and organisations, to enable them not only to survive but also to change and grow, it is necessary to acquire a fuller understanding of the ways in which the individual, group, organisation and environment relate to each other. Such understanding involves the scrutiny of myths, basic assumptions and underlying unconscious processes.

These unconscious elements may exercise power and influence over the behaviour of the organisation and its members. Difficulties in the functioning of the system, or unexpected resistance to change, maybe the first evidence of the existence and influence of covert aims, emotional needs and investments, and hidden power positions. This conference is based on working with these elements using the theoretical perspectives and methods of Group Relations as developed in the model of Tavistock Leicester working conferences on Authority Role and Organisation. The conference will include a Training Group.

We invite you to attend this conference which is the second GRC offered by the Tavistock Institute China and the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations. Based in the Sino-British industrial park in Qingdao, Tavistock Institute China is translating and introducing the thinking, methodologies and research of the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations into China. In combination with China’s national conditions, economic and industrial upgrading and development needs, further experimental research and development will be carried out, and the Tavistock Institute’s unique approach will be applied to various areas of work including organisations, educational reform and mental health.

The conference is from 11 -16 January 2019 at Le Méridien, Qingdao West Coast Resort – the membership fee of RMB24,000 includes 5* hotel accommodation.

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If you have any questions or would like the application form, please contact: Alex Li: ali@tavchina.cn

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