A new space for leadership – 21st July

A new space for leadership – 21st July

Launching Young Leaders – one day workshop: 21st July


17 May 2017

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Launching Young Leaders – one day workshop

Launching Young Leaders is a one day workshop designed to create space for young people. It offers the opportunity to explore and develop leadership skills, to think about how we work together; to examine the type of tensions that make working relationships difficult. Who and how to be influential and why some people are heard or succeed and others don’t. The programme is based on a tried and tested approach which has learning by doing at its centre.

Nick Preston, a colleague and himself in this generation of 20-35 year olds, paints a vivid picture of the difficulties being young:

“Being ‘a millennial’ in these turbulent and testing times requires tenacity. The generation is branded lazy and entitled because we collectively show resistance to internalising a neoliberal work ethic which doesn’t provide us with security. We are labelled complacent and whiney and all the while, the British ruling class think that we “thin-skinned millennials need a spanking”. I think they just mean “smooth skin” but that wouldn’t be published for being too controversial.

This generation are the first in nearly a century to be worse off than our parents due to a lack of job availability and stability. Disillusionment upon leaving education is very common and finding a space to think above the noise is difficult. More and more young people are seeking help for mental health problems due to these strains and their efforts are often ricocheted by under-funded service providers. Through the consequences of the removal of housing benefits for 18-21 year olds (as well as the dramatic rise in housing costs) and suffering the cuts to education & health budgets, it’s no surprise that the UK ranked second from the bottom in a survey conducted to measure the wellbeing of young people (Source: Varkey Foundation, Global Citizenship Survey).”

Nick’s point is clear – it is not easy to be young at this point in history, or perhaps even a leader and although I agree with him – twas ever thus.

The question is; how do you make the most of the moment that you are in? The issues relating to tertiary education, working life and mental health once emergent, are now fully incorporated in society. They can feel demoralising, paralysing, or worst still permanent. Launching Young Leaders is a space in which to explore and challenge seemingly established societal values and norms.

Access to opportunity has changed. Self-efficacy and authority which come from within, have opened the door. It is no longer possible for young people in public schools – previously regarded as leadership hothouses – to access “supernatural self-belief” and take up influential roles. There are still options. There is still choice.

In this one day workshop we will support the exploration of self-actualisation through a series of tasks and reflections that will plant the seeds of lasting resilience and empower change. It will help young people who are actively involved in creating change and who want to do more – or less; those who desire to be influential and are not sure how to take the steps towards making a difference but have not been able to achieve this. The important thing to understand whether the opportunity isn’t actually available or rather that we ourselves are blocking the options.

Coreene Archer, Director and Founder, Launching Young Leaders

To find out more about the event have a look at our brochure or contact Rachel Kelly for more information. Update: deadline extended until 19th July

Some bursary places are available. Download bursary application form here and return to Coreene Archer.

e: r.kelly@tavinstitute.org
t: +44 (0)20 7457 3927

With thanks to Nicholas Preston for contributing to this article.

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