Redefining Leadership HERE AND NOW

Redefining Leadership HERE AND NOW

Latinoamerican Online Group Relations Conference - Join us: 24- 28 March 2021


15 February 2021

Latinoamerican Online Group Relations Conference – Join us: 24- 28 March 2021

When we face a permanent change to society we need to be able to take a first individual step to prepare oneself for the new reality
The Territory

An international staff has gathered to offer a new learning opportunity for the Latinoamerican context. Together, we are inviting you to travel to an unknown territory in order to explore ways to develop insight – personally and professionally – within the framework of an Online Group Relations Conference (E-GRC).

  • If you are looking into new ways to develop leadership in the here and now;
  • if you are struggling with how to understand organisational dynamics in a teleworking context;
  • if Covid-19 has dramatically changed your personal and professional life in ways that affect your performance and capacity to bring your full self into groups;
  • if you are wanting to understand more about the conscious and unconscious dynamics that are impacting you, your community, organisation and society;
  • if you are curious about exploring how a new territory for freedom and learning can change the way in which you approach your E-GRC practice –

Then this conference is for you.

The invitation implies being part of a novel dual experiment of learning in a context of shifting territories. The Tavistock Tradition is long rooted in Socio-Psychological, Socio-Technical and Socio-Ecological principles; hence it is a contextualised tradition that challenges itself to constant renewal.

This conference will provide a space for participants’ personal, professional and organisational development, while at the same time it will invite you to better understand the conscious and unconscious demands of your context and to find out-of-the box ways to position yourself in role.

Under normal circumstances, you bring your context into a Group Relations conference.  In this conference, you will be taking the conference into your context and home. While doing this, you will not only learn by doing about how to redefine leadership in the here and now but you will also prepare for a shifting future that is yet to be discovered.

Join us online from 24-28 March and experiment with us about how to lead and learn in a new shifting territory. For more information, read the brochure and if you have any questions email Emily Kyte.

The official languages of the Conference are Spanish, Portuguese and English and the conference will be compatible with GMT, GMT-3 and GMT-5 time zones.

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