What’s figuring in Art and Organisation

What’s figuring in Art and Organisation

Updates; opportunities; hashtags from the intersection of art and organisation.


27 January 2020

Updates; opportunities; hashtags from the intersection of art and organisation.

Deepening Creative Practice our new programme weaving together the arts and social science as a curatorial and public endeavour is still very much open for applications. For artists-academics, artistic practitioners, organisational leaders and consultants, concerned citizens, freedom fighters, passionate learners, curious ecologists or bored out of the box agents of life and wellbeing. We welcome conversations, your ideas, thoughts and questions about the programme. For more information please email Lucy Walker.

We will be curating a stream of activities at next year’s Art of Management and Organisation (AoMO) conference taking place in Liverpool, 20-23 August 2020. Our workstream will showcase and explore the emergence of the arts as an ‘active’ or ‘activating’ discipline and practice amongst the trans-disciplinary applied social science methods of the Tavistock Institute. Deadline for proposals closes 1st February 2020.

We were more than excited, let’s say delighted to win the judges award for our entry to the inaugural research gallery at the Social Research Association’s annual conference. We won with Echoes at Home, a sculpture that told the story of Becki Skittrall’s and Juliet’s Scott installation come intervention at Tower Bridge Care Home as part of the ongoing collaboration with Entelechy Arts. Thank you to Georgie Parry Crooke who envisioned our sculptural home; Richard Allen for his skilful carpentry skills; and Rachel Hastings-Caplan for painterly prowess. 

In early January we were invited to Expressions of Medical Creativity a one day conference at Turner Contemporary, Margate looking at the role the arts play in our health systems. Contributions, participants, presentations and workshops told a compelling story of the stresses and strains of those working in health and social care and how the arts are creatively finding their role in relation to them. 

Follow us on Instagram @tihr_arts curated by Lucy Walker, our new engagement assistant who has joined us as a masters graduate from the Department of Visual Cultures, Goldsmiths, University of London. 

And finally…..watch out on our website and social media for our announcement of artists who will be contributing to Deepening Creative Practice. 

Juliet Scott
Practice Director Arts and Organisation, Consultant, Director Deepening Creative Practice

Image credit: Echoes at Home. Becki Skittrall and Rachel Hastings-Caplan applying the finishing touches.

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