The Leicester Conference

The Leicester Conference

The 14-day experiential learning event that provides space to reflect and contemplate, within a global cohort, how you lead and follow in your organisation, your community and your life!

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Emerging Sub-Conference: £6,250 

Deepening Praxis Training Group: £7,000 

We offer an Early Bird discount of £250 for applications received before Monday 1st July 2024. 

A deposit of £500 is required on application. 

  • Early Bird deadline #2

    Mon 1 July

Upcoming dates

  • Leicester Conference 2024

    Sun 11 — Sat 24 August

Sunday 11 August to Saturday 24 August 2024. 

The conference has taken place every year since 1957 and is the flagship of all the other Group Relations conferences and institutions around the world. It is for those who are deeply invested in understanding their relationship to leadership and authority in complex, uncertain contexts. It is the home of learning by experience.

Leicester Conference 2024

Task Authority Organisation

Welcome to this iteration of the Leicester Conference of the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations, celebrating 78 years in 2024. The TAO of Tavistock has always provided a leading-edge criticality for leaders working below the surface of apparent realities to engage in profound ways with what it means to be human and how we can meaningfully relate to each other and most critically, our environment.

So, as it has done over the last 67 years, the Leicester Conference is the living laboratory where all leaders, change agents, group and system practitioners, come to deepen their capacity to survive - and thrive - turbulent times and contexts. A place in which to hone the craft of acting in the face of uncertainty, directly from their own experience. 

As we all face the coming decade up to 2033, the UN sustainable development goals, the digitalisation of the global economy and surviving a climate catastrophe will draw out of us a new set of competencies, skills and abilities to shape our social order. 

The Primary Task of the Conference is:

To study the exercise of authority in the taking up of roles through the interpersonal, inter-group and institutional relations that develop within the conference as an organisation within its wider context.

What happens at the Leicester Conference?

A temporary organisation is created, in which all members and staff co-create the culture and practices of the organisation as it unfolds. We hold a close scrutiny to everything that happens within the organisation and surface what meanings are embedded within the behaviours as they happen.

The Groups are formed, and events are consulted to by the staff. Designed to surface our assumptions and myths about organisational and social life. As the conference is fully residential, we have the experience of immersing totally into the life of the organisation, eating sleeping and working together consistently for 14 days. There is nothing quite like it.

Curious about the Leicester Conference?

What it is like arriving at your first Leicester Conference

Your FAQs

What the Director says about The Leicester Conference: 

Dr. Eliat Aram, conference director and director of the Emerging Sub-Conference is the CEO of the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations and has directed 12 Leicester conferences (2007-2023) and many conferences all over the world.

“The LC is a true international gathering. People meet at the conference who would not have met in any other context in the world; neighbouring enemy countries, huge geographical spread, different ages and professions. It spans over two weeks in a secluded location where you can really immerse yourself in an exploration of self and others and everything that runs between. There is nothing like this conference in the world. It is an opportunity to go into the depth of ones psyche with an intensity that, because of the luxury of time and space, is not overwhelming but is life-changing and profound. The Leicester conference is a conference for the person who immerses themselves and is willing to grapple with being and living in the learning position.”

Dr. Eliat Aram

Rachel Kelly, associate director and director of the Deepening Praxis Training Group is a Principal at the Institute and Group Relations Consultant. 

Leading an organisation or group at work can be a perplexing and frustrating task.  The Leicester conference is like no other leadership / life training, going to the heart of what leadership is really about, by studying the Tavistock TAO: eg, what actually is the Task, where is Authority coming from and how is it being taken up, and understanding Organisation in new ways. 

Learning through experience means exploring, experimenting and so learning, in real time, always going deeper.  You may arrive with ideas about what you want from the conference, and then you get what you need and more.  These reverberate in “aha!” moments and reflections as you perform your job role long after the conference has ended, often for many years.”

Rachel Kelly

Conference Administrator’s Narrative:

Leah Ashton-Hurst is the Operations Manager & People Co-ordinator at the Tavistock Institute.

‘I am delighted to be joining the Leicester Directorate, as a conference administrator, for a third time. I am excited to experience once again the unique learning opportunities that Leicester provides and to apply this learning in my personal and professional life’.

Leah Ashton-Hurst

Conference staff listed within the brochure. 


CIM Moor Hall, Cookham, Maidenhead, Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead, Berkshire, SL6 9QH.

Located in the idyllic village of Cookham, with close proximity to Windsor, Maidenhead and Heathrow Airport, Moor Hall is an elegant 19th century Manor House. All bedrooms come with ensuite and and guests at Moor Hall can take advantage of onsite lounge bar, quiet work area, gym and restaurant. 

Moor Hall is one hour out of Central London, thirty minutes from Heathrow Airport, easily accessible by public transport and situated on 9 acres of peaceful Berkshire countryside. 

Representing outstanding value, the fee includes 13 nights accommodation, all meals and refreshments and the consultancy of world leaders in the field of systems psychodynamics, organisational consultancy and coaching.

Further Discounts for joint applications from the same organisation, or joint applications from those affiliated to the same national group relations sponsoring organisations. For severe financial hardship, bursaries and scholarships are available on application and further supporting statement.


Emerging Sub-Conference: is for people who have never attended a residential group relations conference, or those who choose to return and rediscover the member role a fresh.

Deepening Praxis Training Group: for those who wish to train as group relations conference consultants and those seeking to deepen their organisational consultancy skills. The Deepening Praxis Training Group (DPTG) is for people who have attended at least 2 residential group relations conferences recognised by the Tavistock Institute, at least one of which is a Leicester conference.

Next Steps

To apply for the conference please complete the online application form and pay the deposit. 

If you have any questions about the conference, please contact Leah Ashton-Hurst, Conference Administrator or Meg Davies, Professional Development Manager. 

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If you have any questions and/or would like a conversation with one of the directors about this programme, please fill in the form below and Meg Davies will get back to you.

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