Improving School Governance Using an Action Learning Approach (IGUANA)

Improving School Governance Using an Action Learning Approach (IGUANA)

IGUANA aims to develop a methodology and tools to support ‘training for good governance’ in schools by implementing and validating a school learning community.

This environment is to be piloted in in five schools in five EU countries and will include training modules in governance self-assessment, leadership, team-working and evaluation and standards. It is based on an ‘emotional well-being’ pedagogic model and is supported by Web 2.0 tools to promote co-working and sense-making. It will be piloted and validated by the EU School Heads Association.

TIHR will contribute to the design and delivery of the learning community with particular focus on the interface between school leadership and governance. We will also support reflective learning through the action learning element. Camilla Child and Juliet Scott, both faculty of the P3C programme, are consultant/researchers.

The IGUANA project is led by the Study Centre on Peoples and Cultures, Catholic University of Portugal CEPCEP.

This project received funding from the European Union’s Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency’s (EACEA) Lifelong Learning programme 2007-2013.

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