Camilla Child

Camilla Child

BA (Hons) Political Science and French; MSc Social Policy; MA Advanced Organisational Consultation; Certificate in Conflict Resolution (acc. Bar Council)
Company Secretary
Principal Researcher and Consultant

I have a number of great and enduring passions which form a thread in my career. One of the first questions I asked at a staff meeting when I arrived at the Tavistock Institute three decades ago was ‘Umm... who has the power here?’ The question was driven by an insatiable curiosity to understand unfolding dynamics and make sense of them. And then to help people and groups understand the power they hold and its associated privilege, and help them shape what they do with it, for themselves, and in the service of the people that they represent. 

Where there is social injustice, I find ways to shine a light on it, and am adept at communicating in ways that can (usually, at least) be heard. Finding and working with the interconnections and dissonances within and between groups has always been another great interest: how psychogeography has an impact on cross boundary and working in partnership underpins questions of how can we try and unstick a problem. I will focus on the place and space, on the system as a whole, its tasks, the people, and conscious and unconscious processes. 

These preoccupations continue to shape me, as a consultant, coach, professional developer, researcher, Group Relations practitioner and as a Board member. Above all though, I love working with people in complex situations, and am humbled to be able to spend my career being invited into organisations, of all shapes and sizes, from many sectors, in the UK and worldwide, to work with the challenges and conundrums that are brought to me and my colleagues. 

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