Join us to launch Dynamics at Boardroom Level

Join us to launch Dynamics at Boardroom Level

A publication which opens the door to a new world of boardroom dynamics.


14 December 2020

A publication which opens the door to a new world of boardroom dynamics

21 January 2021 – celebrate with us via Zoom the publication of a new book, edited by Leslie B BrissettMannie Sher and Tazi Lorraine Smith.

Dynamics at Boardroom Level is an essential resource for business leaders as well as leadership coaches and mental health professionals. This book is edited by those who really understand the deeper workings of the complex human system that is the Board and the unconscious forces that can derail its purpose. It includes a framework of theory and practice that broadens vision and deepens thinking about what is actually happening in a boardroom.

Dr Leslie B Brissett and Dr Mannie Sher who co-direct the Certificate in Dynamics @ Board Level PD programme at the Institute and our Tavistock Associate, Tazi Lorraine Smith, have edited a book that speaks directly to critical issues of our time.

This edited volume brings together the insights and contemporary case studies from participants on the Dynamics @ Board Level programme that draws on the thinking of Tavistock scholars and practitioners and their work on the dynamics of task, role, authority and power. The contributing authors are senior leadership practitioners and board evaluators from government, international consultancy firms, FTSE 100 and global UN institutions.

With a foreword by Susan Long.

Come and join us to celebrate the publication. Register for free here.

This event will be held virtually via Zoom 4:30 pm – 6:00 pm (GMT)

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