Heather Stradling

Heather Stradling

BA Drama & Film Studies; MSc Psychology; PGDip Community Dance Studies; Diploma Psychodynamic Counselling
Principal Researcher and Consultant

A curiosity about and passion for working with human beings and social systems is the focus of my working life. 

As a Principal Researcher/Consultant, I support individuals and groups in their navigation of the social, political and economic structures we all live and work in. Whether through programme evaluations, leadership development programmes or systems change interventions, I enjoy co-creating with others to help build on what works well, and influence what needs changing, to make living and working a better experience. 

I evaluate and consult within the fields of health and social care, co-direct Deepening Creative Practice with Organisations and am a psychodynamic counsellor working with adult clients. Working across boundaries between disciplines, organisations and sectors provides a richness that, I believe, is nourishing to my, and others’, inquisitive spirits and appetite for learning. 

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