The second issue of OPEN

The second issue of OPEN

What our first DCP cohort has been up to since completing the programme

The relationships formed during the Deepening Creative Practice with organisations programme do not end with its final, exhibiting season – collaboration and creative experimentation continue, as shown by the work of DCP 2020-2021 participants since.

Marie Beauchamps, Kevin Power, and Mary Rafferty met during our first DCP iteration back in 2020, which was held online. Since the last season of the programme, the three of them have worked collaboratively to produce OPEN I in May 2021 and now OPEN II.

This is how they write about their creative process:

OPEN II started with accidental scripts. We’ve used the practice and discipline of meeting every week and producing written work between each meeting. A body of writing and images was created over time, in an ongoing rhythm of gesture and response. We made a selection from this body of work, noticing the patterns that emerged. The curatorial work of ordering and re-ordering the elements revealed new aspects of our work together. […]

We stay with the experiment to see what emerges, paying attention to the influence of time, trust, availability, and other constraints. The work continues.”

Deepening Creative Practice with organisations provides participants with the space to experiment, think differently and explore how the arts and social science weave together over 5 seasons. It is a programme that gives you a chance to think about your whole self in relation to your organisation and to a larger community of artists, practitioners and collaborators.

If you are interested in joining us for DCP 2023-24 starting in Spring next year, you can find the dates, fee, the brochure and more information here. In the meantime, if you have any questions about the programme, don’t hesitate to contact the programme directors, Juliet Scott and Heather Stradling.

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